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Events of Elegance


Hiring a professional consultant to design and direct your event can help eliminate a lot of the stress associated with planning. Here we have answered some of the questions clients frequently ask when deciding to hire a wedding consultant. 

  • recommend and help you coordinate the many vendors who make your day possible, including caterers, florists, musicians, photographer, etc.
  • help you develop your wedding theme & creative ways to incorporate your wedding fantasies
  • show you wedding invitation options
  • decorate your ceremony and rehearsal sites
  • help you coordinate your attendants at rehearsal and during the ceremony
  • fix last minute problems as they arise
  • act as a listening ear and supportive shoulder when the wedding stresses get to be too much
  • keep track of your many wedding vendor contracts and ensure that they perform as expected

Events of Elegance can save you money. Every girl has dreamed of the day when she would become a bride. However, those dreams can seem impossible when that little girl grows up and realizes that weddings cost money. Your Events of Elegance consultant will listen to your wedding dreams and come up with ways to make them happen within your wedding budget.

Wedding planning is no easy task. Wedding planning is a very complicated and painstaking process involving a large number of vendors and details. A wedding consultant can help you sort through the chaos and choose the best and most affordable professionals for your wedding needs.

We've already done the research for you. Events of Elegance consultants have knowledge of the various wedding vendors in the area and can help you find vendors that do a good job and offer value for your money. We've already done the legwork for you and you can trust that you are hiring wedding professionals that will come through exactly as you expected.

Couples just don't have the time to plan a wedding. The vast majority of brides and grooms have full-time jobs or are full-time students. This leaves little time for planning and carrying out all the detailed tasks required to coordinate a wedding.

Couples want to enjoy their wedding.  Some couples try to save money by doing their own planning, decorating and coordinating, but this can often backfire. Do you really want to spend your wedding day frantically decorating the church and reception hall, barely having time to catch your breath before walking down the aisle? Would you want your mother serving your guests food in her beautiful dress when she should be enjoying the day as much as you? Or would you rather spend the day calmly enjoying every moment, knowing that every little detail is being taken care of by a trusted professional? What kind of memories do you want of this once-in-a-lifetime day?

Personal and family situations create sticky complications. A wedding consultant can help you deal with difficult family situations or in cases  where the bride and/or groom are getting married for a second time.

Many people find themselves confused with etiquette questions. Your Events of Elegance consultant is an expert in etiquette and can help you around even the trickiest social situations.

Couples live far away from the wedding site. In today's society, it's very common for brides and grooms to live in another part of the state or country from where the wedding will take place. A wedding consultant can represent the couple on the local scene, coordinating with the various vendors and making sure the couple has a hassle-free wedding.

Events of Elegance consultants are educated in a wide variety of cultural traditions. As more and more couples are marrying across ethnic, cultural, religious and racial backgrounds, a trained wedding consultant can help you create a wedding that reflects your unique backgrounds.

Doesn't it cost a lot more money to use a wedding consultant? At Events of Elegance, we believe that every bride deserves an elegant wedding, regardless of her wedding budget. In fact, most of the time, a wedding consultant can actually help you save money.

But I want to plan my own wedding! Why should I turn everything over to someone else?
Naturally, you should be an active participant in your wedding planning. Your Events of Elegance consultant will work with you to create your perfect vision of your wedding. At your initial event assesment meeting, you will decide exactly how much or how little you want her to do. She can help you get started in the right direction, then let you do the rest. Or, if you prefer, you can tell her your wedding vision and your budget and let her run with them. Regardless of which planning package you choose, your Events of Elegance consultant is a helping hand, a listening ear and a supportive shoulder who understands the emotions, stresses and joys you are feeling at this hectic time in your life better than anyone else. She is there to make sure you are able to enjoy your day and walk away with many happy memories.

I've heard that wedding consultants' lists of "preferred vendors" are really companies who give the consultant a "kick back." Is this true?

Events of Elegance does not receive a "kick back" from any vendor. We represent the best interest of our clients, first and foremost. In fact, if any vendor offers us any discounts, these discounts are passed on to our clients. Our purpose is to find affordable, ethical, professional vendors for our couples.

I want a unique wedding. Will my wedding just be a carbon copy of every other wedding Events of Elegance has done?

Of course not! Your wedding is a unique, personal expression of your love and must reflect your personal style. When you come for your initial event assessment, your Events of Elegance consultant will discuss the vision you have for your wedding and will make suggestions based upon your wishes.

What if I've already done most of the planning? Can Events of Elegance still help me?

Yes! Events of Elegance consultants can assist you in many ways during your rehearsal and on the day of your wedding. Our Silver package is designed especially for you. We can help you coordinate your wedding ceremony and reception, making sure everyone is in their proper position and that your wedding celebration runs smoothly.  Events of Elegance can also help with bridal showers, bridesmaid luncheons and teas, engagement parties and rehearsal dinners. Please call us at (504) 218-6326 for additional information.

How do I get started working with a wedding consultant?

Call us at (504) 218-6326 and schedule a meeting with a wedding consultant.

I don't live in New Orleans, but I'm getting married in the area. Can you help me?

Yes - this is a perfect reason for using a wedding consultant. When you are far away from your wedding location, it is very helpful to have a trusted professional keeping your best interests in mind. We can help you get in touch with qualified wedding vendors, reducing the number of times you will need to come to the New Orleans area prior to your wedding. We will make sure your event is flawlessly executed so you can enjoy a stress-free wedding celebration.


Why do I need a wedding consultant?
There are several reasons why you may decide to use a wedding consultant. Here are a few:

What is a wedding consultant?
A wedding consultant is your best friend throughout the wedding planning process. From the time you first get engaged until you whisk away for your honeymoon, the wedding consultant helps you pull together your vision of your dream wedding and develops a plan for creating that dream. Your wedding consultant also helps you with etiquette and budget issues. She can do as much or as little as you want her to. In addition, your Events of Elegance consultant can:

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